Hello and welcome to Rusted Friend. My name is Isaac and I will be your guide.

If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see and hear, no matter how unusual it may seem. And please be warned, if you fidget, if you look away, if you forget any part of what I tell you, even for an instant, then our hero will surely perish. 

In my life there have always been two consistencies, creating things and being a gigantic nerd. RF was born when I adopted a giant robot named Mr.Nibbles. Since 2011 the robot and I have toiled through all sorts of quests. Some successful and some some less so. Levels have been gained, party members have joined and been lost, and bosses have been vanquished. Now I am starting a long awaited campaign of making my own line of gaming gear and accessories. Follow along closely, many great adventures await.